The Broth

The Broth, the deadly winds that howl,
And reaps a many thing so foul,
Misty, thick and foggy Breeze,
Seasoned with the salt of seas,
Carries with it snow and sleet,
And blows and beats the north of East.
So bitter wind it sting the bones,
Stealing breathes and nipping nose,
The broth is not a hearty meal,
But a wind so cold and hard as steel.

This is my B poem for the A to Z challenge.

My A-Z is based on Northumberland, and the myths and monsters that lurk within.

A broth is a kind of soup, made up of peas barley and lentils with a whole load of veg in it. Often ate on New Years Eve, and on cold days. The weather up in Northumberland has been so bad lately, this is where the idea of the Broth wind has come from. A wind so thick and foggy, almost like a soup.

My poems kind of lead onto one another so I do suggest you read the poem before it to get the gist.


The Braves

Standing just at one foot tall,
Guarding keeps and castle walls,
The tribe of which the moat is hold,
Are littles like the garden gnome.
With spears in hand, align in rows,
Await to stab intruders toes.
These tiny brave, soldiered men,
As old as which what they defend,
The wars have gone a battle ghost,
But still the braves defend their post.
Their joints they’ve seized and turned t’ stone,
Til a day may come to fight for home.

This is my B poem for the A to Z challenge.

My A-Z is based on Northumberland, and the myths and monsters that lurk within.
The idea of The Braves came to me when I was writing The Untold Stories of Scotland and it never came to anything until now. The idea is a small army so old they have turned to stone, or gnomes. We have alot of castles up in Northumberland, and even more Braves.

My poems kind of lead onto one another so I do suggest you read the poem before it to get the gist.

The Amblers

As we walk the Amble coast,
Y’ hear the murmurs of sea-bound ghosts,
Who lost their lives in northern seas,
Setting sail on fisheries.
Who cast their nets for one last time,
And now they haunt the mass of brine,
On boats said made of smokes and wisps,
Make warning to the passing ships,
To scare them off the jagged bay,
And see yon sailers make their way,
The amblers they call the souls of sort,
Who see the boats now safe to port.

This is my A poem for the A to Z challenge.

My A-Z is based on Northumberland, and the myths and monsters that lurk within. All the poems kind of lead onto one another so I do suggest you read the one before or the beginning of the Stories of the Northlands. The idea of Amblers comes from Amble, a fishing town in the North East of England, and the word rambling. I loved the idea of a the ghosts of fishermen lost at sea.

A to Z Challenge – An introduction

Whilst going through the sign up list I came across The #atoz of Aunty Amo and I loved the idea of introducing yourself to fellow challengers with an a to z, so I’ve stole it!

A – Amydot – My nickname, and twitter name. Just something my Mam and Brother have called me for a longtime.
B – Bradford – My second home for about 3 years. Haven’t been back since 2010 and they have the best takeaway curries!
C – Cherry Blossoms – A tattoo I have on my foot that I got when I was 18. Only ink I have and I still love it.
D – Dan – The name of my brother and my boyfriend is a Dan also. Two of the most important people in my life.
E – Egypt – In primary school I wanted to be an archeologist, and have always wanted to see the sights of Egypt, and I still would. Call me Amydot Tomb raider!
F – Fashion – Studied fashion at college and received top marks, something which I am very proud of. I have created work for dancers and had work shown in a museum.
G – George R R Martin – currently reading through his Song of Ice and Fire series. Best books I’ve ever read.
H – Heights – My biggest fear, have tried to conquer this by climbing York minster and abseiling the Tyne Bridge but I’m still a wimp if my feet aren’t on solid ground.
I – I; a name I call myself!
J – Javisnail – the first poem I wrote for this blog, about a snail that travels the world.
K – kindle – it has changed my life!
L – Laughter – I love nothing more than a bit of silliness! I’m fairly upbeat all of the time! I believe a sense of humor is needed armor, joy in ones heart and laughter on ones lips shows that the person, deep down has a good grasp on life!
M – Milk – I’m not pregnant but have cravings for milk!
N – Northumberland – Home!
O – Oranges – another craving!
P – Poetry – rhyming comes quite easy to me, but when I say I write poems I feel like I sound like an emotional wreck.
Q – Queues – I’m impatient and have low blood pressure which causes me to get light headed and sometimes pass out if I stand for too long. I’m the person in the queues that always complains!
R – Reading – aiming to read more blogs and more books.
S – Staffys – I have a beautiful rescue dog Amber, loves nothing more than her ears kissed and being tucked in your dressing gown. Hate how they have such a bad name!
T – Turkey – Been a couple of times and love it! Pamukkale was amazing and there’s nothing quite like a Turkish bath!
U – Untold story of Scotland – the inspiration behind my a to z challenge.
V – Verbs – I am learning Spanish and find their verb conjugations very difficult. Reading a book on these at the moment.
W – Writing – recently took a break to focus on family and suffered from writing block. Just getting back into it.
X – The letter I am hating for the A-Z
Y – Yes I can – I need to be a more positive person.
Z – Zorba the Greek – a song that will always get me dancing.

The Stories of the Northlands Begins

In concrete jungles of brick and stone,
Down in’t south you’ve never known,
Of monsters, ghosts, beasts and boars,
That dwell within the lands up North.
A story told, a whisper shared,
In earnest so a life is spared,
For myths and legends oft come true,
In the lands up to the North of you.

To be continued…

This is an opening poem for the start of my A to Z challenge.

A to Z Challenge Theme Revealed

So the time has come, April is almost upon us and the A to Z Challenge starts. This is my second challenge and I have learnt from last year to prepare, so for over a month I’ve been writing notes and rhymes all on my theme…

The Untold Stories of the Northlands

This is something I’ve worked on before but chose to save it for the April A to Z. Whilst on a trip to Glasgow I wrote The Untold Stories of Scotland and ever since wanted to write something similar about the area I live in. The stories you will read over the month are all based on things around Northumberland England, I can’t promise you these tales are 100% true, in fact you’ll be lucky if they are 1% true…

A huge thank you to Arlee Bird for setting up the challenge! I am looking forward to seeing what the month and challenge brings!

A Storm of Swords – George R. R. Martin

***No Spoiling Ahead***

Storm of Swords

The third book from the ‘A song of Ice and fire’ series By George R. R. Martin, A Storm of Swords carries on from where A Clash of Kings left us hanging.

With Series 3 of A Game of Thrones upon us, I couldn’t wait to finish the book. And it took some finishing. A book so vast that it can be bought in 2 halves and the series itself will also be split. It’s took me a few months to finish and my, my has it been emotional.

Book 1, A Game of Thrones, like the Series, sets the scene in Westeros, it introduces you to families and the houses. We learn of the Lannisters, The Baratheons who hold the Iron throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms, The Starks of Winterfell in the North, and the Targereons who ruled before being usurped. You are given first impressions of the characters, taking an instant dislike to the Lannisters and rooting for the Starks, but how this will all change in the books ahead.

Book 2, A Clash of Kings, introduces new characters and families, we learn more of the lesser houses and their alliances. We find the 7 Kingdoms separated by the death of King Robert Baratheon, with 4 possibly 5 people feeling they have rights to the throne, you expect this to be something that isn’t settled amicably, and of course the book ends with a battle of the Black Water, where 2 kings clash in a fight for Kings Landing.

With the first 2 books, merely a build up, people moving about and preparing for war, building their armies and defending. You expect book 3, A Storm of Swords to be a big one, with battles, beheading and more betrayal. But this book is more than you could ever even take a stab at. You develop a love for characters you were hoping would take a good bloody beating in the first 2, the chapters in the first 2 which were slightly a little boring (I’m talking about Catelyn and Sansa) are some of the best, with every chapter leaving you in suspense, by ending with a shocker.

In true George R R Martin Style there are deaths (a-plenty) that are sudden and you just won’t see you coming, so expect many twists and turns in the upcoming series.

If you are a fan of the TV series, the books are not going to disappoint. They are everything the series is and more. I feel they are a tad more fantasy than the series, and one thing I love is you hear more stories, told as tales about aurochs and giants and dragons. The book plays with your emotions and I have high hopes for book 4; A Feast for Crows.

The only negative thing about A Storm if Swords was the amount of people in the book, for this I am glad I watched series 1 and 2 before reading, as I already had an understanding of the characters and had an image of what they look like. There is also a section in the back of the book explaining who people are and I do have to refer to this often.

In summary, Im now a game of thrones geek, I even follow them on twitter and this book is by far the best thing I’ve read, I’d give it 10 out of 10 and I recommend you to read A Song of Ice and Fire series.