A to Z Challenge – An introduction

Whilst going through the sign up list I came across The #atoz of Aunty Amo and I loved the idea of introducing yourself to fellow challengers with an a to z, so I’ve stole it!

A – Amydot – My nickname, and twitter name. Just something my Mam and Brother have called me for a longtime.
B – Bradford – My second home for about 3 years. Haven’t been back since 2010 and they have the best takeaway curries!
C – Cherry Blossoms – A tattoo I have on my foot that I got when I was 18. Only ink I have and I still love it.
D – Dan – The name of my brother and my boyfriend is a Dan also. Two of the most important people in my life.
E – Egypt – In primary school I wanted to be an archeologist, and have always wanted to see the sights of Egypt, and I still would. Call me Amydot Tomb raider!
F – Fashion – Studied fashion at college and received top marks, something which I am very proud of. I have created work for dancers and had work shown in a museum.
G – George R R Martin – currently reading through his Song of Ice and Fire series. Best books I’ve ever read.
H – Heights – My biggest fear, have tried to conquer this by climbing York minster and abseiling the Tyne Bridge but I’m still a wimp if my feet aren’t on solid ground.
I – I; a name I call myself!
J – Javisnail – the first poem I wrote for this blog, about a snail that travels the world.
K – kindle – it has changed my life!
L – Laughter – I love nothing more than a bit of silliness! I’m fairly upbeat all of the time! I believe a sense of humor is needed armor, joy in ones heart and laughter on ones lips shows that the person, deep down has a good grasp on life!
M – Milk – I’m not pregnant but have cravings for milk!
N – Northumberland – Home!
O – Oranges – another craving!
P – Poetry – rhyming comes quite easy to me, but when I say I write poems I feel like I sound like an emotional wreck.
Q – Queues – I’m impatient and have low blood pressure which causes me to get light headed and sometimes pass out if I stand for too long. I’m the person in the queues that always complains!
R – Reading – aiming to read more blogs and more books.
S – Staffys – I have a beautiful rescue dog Amber, loves nothing more than her ears kissed and being tucked in your dressing gown. Hate how they have such a bad name!
T – Turkey – Been a couple of times and love it! Pamukkale was amazing and there’s nothing quite like a Turkish bath!
U – Untold story of Scotland – the inspiration behind my a to z challenge.
V – Verbs – I am learning Spanish and find their verb conjugations very difficult. Reading a book on these at the moment.
W – Writing – recently took a break to focus on family and suffered from writing block. Just getting back into it.
X – The letter I am hating for the A-Z
Y – Yes I can – I need to be a more positive person.
Z – Zorba the Greek – a song that will always get me dancing.


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