I seem so far away,
That my head’s been torn apart,
My mind has gone miles today,
I’ve misplaced my tired heart.

My eyes see thoughts and thinkings,
And the world becomes a blur,
Far in an unknown distance,
I feel not me or ‘her’.

I’ve left behind my muchness,
Or sealed it in a box,
Behind my face of toughness,
Im broken and I’m lost.


One thought on “Lost

  1. Such a beautifully written poem yet so sad! The other day I awoke from a dream and felt alone, it was the worse feeling in the world! I was nervous and out of sorts, it felt like so much was closing in on me, then on my computer there was a message from another blogger reminding me how important i am to many…and the uneasyness went away! You are an important and special part of my world here and my day. Your humor in your poetry lifts my spirit always! You always find the right things to say Amy and you are always so real and genuine my dear sister. I love what you share and bring each day. Your heart shines, do not worry your words your heart,your spirit are still all in the right place, just a slow moment but your words shall soon pour out again…look at this poem, it is an awesome reflection of what you feel now…I will make you smile for tommorrow I will post an award announcement and you are on it…i recognize your heart and your gift, keep sharing, keep touching and keep hugging with your words, do not look at the likes many come and don’t hit the button but they still go away with part of your smile, and your happiness! I know that I do. Be refreshed and lifted and know you are loved dear sister!

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