The Woman Who Tried to Persuade (limerick)

A woman who tried to persuade,
Would argue a spade wern’t a spade,
That black was white,
And she’s always right,
They believed the lies that she made.

The woman who tried to persuade,
Often she lied about age,
Told a man she was 20,
And incredibly wealthy,
But she’s 60 in 32 days.

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A Gal in an Overpriced store (2)

Had the Monday Limerick this week stuck in my head so done something about it on my walk to work and wrote a couple more.

A gal in an over priced store,
With her wardrobe a bit of a bore,
She wanted something unique,
And a little bit chic,
But bought a tracksuit made from velour.

A gal in an overpriced store,
Lived the life of royalty before,
But to keep looking flash,
Sold her toes for some cash,
And now she’s a shoe size four.

A gal in an over priced store,
Was spending like never before,
She thought it was grand,
Til it got out of hand,
And could afford any more!

Over-priced Limerick

A girl in an over-priced store,
Wanted some shoes and some more,
She saw the price and went pale,
And head for the sale,
But spent 3 grand or 4!

A man in an over-priced store
Found it a bit of a bore
But in a quick flash,
Said, ‘stop spending my cash’
And the divorce was post through her door.

A woman in an over priced store,
Watched the dramas of the shop floor,
Husband and wife,
Argued their life,
I bet are not married no more.

Just discovered a blog with a limerick challenge. Each Monday a limerick topic is posted with the first line of the verse, and you respond with your poem using this line. As I’m having separation issues from the a-z challenge. I’m going to give this a whirl. This poem was done quickly, so hopefully they will get better.

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