Adam, Eve and the Apple Tree

If you open up the bible,
A story you will find,
Of Adam, Eve, an apple tree,
The start of all mankind.
For set in the garden of Eden,
A paradise of land,
The fate was set one early day,
And free will was given to man.
Now God, he told his Adam,
There’s a tree that you must leave,
And repeated this very command,
To his wife, his lady Eve.
On a walk she took alone,
She met a serpent sly,
who enticed her to the tree,
And a fruit that she must try.
But Eve she hesitated,
For the fruit on here’s forbidden,
One bite on this ripe apple,
She would never be forgiven.
The serpent assured her dearly,
It wouldn’t cause her any harm,
So Eve she leant quite forward,
And stretched up out her arm.
Biting through the flesh,
She didn’t hesitate,
The apple it was succulent,
Yet bitter to the taste.
So she carried it back to Adam,
Where she only asked him twice,
Taste this juicy apple,
And Adam took a bite.
For it was from a tree of knowledge,
And it would make them more aware,
But the couple did soon realise,
They were unclothed and standing bare.
Adam said to eve,
This fruit that you have found?
Well what were you thinking!
You know it’s out of bounds!
Eve explained to Adam,
She simply could not resist,
And the serpent stood there watching,
He laughed, he sneered, he hissed.
But in a cloud of thunder!
God caught to their attention,
He told them of their sinning,
And the tree that he did mention.
Well man: he blamed the woman,
And the woman she blamed the snake,
But they bowed their heads and listened,
As god boomed out their fate.
I warned to you two beings,
To heed to your temptation,
Your sin will now be punished,
He said through his frustration.
First he spoke to Adam,
And said from now on in,
Men will work and labour,
And toil for your sin!
Then he spoke to Eve,
Cursing women to suffer,
And endure a painful childbirth,
On verge of becoming mother.
But you, oh treacherous serpent,
I punish worst of all,
To drag your belly on through the dust,
I condemn you to a crawl.
You’ve heard the very story,
The sin of Adam and Eve,
And since this day in Genesis,
This way it will now be.

This poem was originally wrote for A of the A to Z challenge for 2012, after signing up for the 2013 challenge today, which will start in April, I decided to take a look at last years poems. there was a few changes I has to make so here it is a second time.


Cabbage Soup

The latest, new fad diet,
An apple for lunch and tea,
Followed by a strict half hour,
Of Dancing on the Wii.
A monthly direct debit,
For use of the local gym,
and 34.99,
On some knickers that tuck you in.
A low calorie recipe,
For a slimming cabbage soup,
As you blast out some calories,
Every time you poop.
Swapping wine for water,
And chocolate for some veg,
And a plate of good greenery,
Like chewing on the hedge.
A run around the park,
A lap around the block,
A little further next time,
As your body’s now in shock.
The skinny Fitting jeans,
You should of threw away,
And swearing to yourself,
You’ll get them on one day.
The tin of Christmas chocolates,
Glistening in that way,
Just a toffee penny,
I’ll start again Monday.