Where The Sidewalk Ends – Review

Where the sidewalk Ends

Author/Illustrator: Shel Silverstein
Publisher: Harper and Row, 1974
Genre: Children’s Poetry
My Rating: 5/5

Where the sidewalk ends is one of many works by the American poet: Sheldon Allan Silverstein. A collection of poetry aimed at the younger audience, it’s the perfect book for a quick read to share will all the family, for a laugh or a story (or 10) before bed!

My Opinion
I am massively influenced by Shel poetry and will definitely look into his other books and cartoons. He writes about everything from a brontosaurus to a run-away beard. But the book would not be complete without the Black and White illustrations (drew by Shel also). They add humor and explanation and turn a simple poem into something enjoyable to read and look at. His poems are sometimes nonsense, sometimes they boggle your mind, they are incredibly witty and they will certainly make you chuckle! Whatever your age! I recommend this book to everyone who’s inner child lives on, people who are sometimes just a little silly and those with families with all ages! It’s perfect for bedtimes!

My Highlights;
A few of my favorites from the book.

Chester came to school and said,
“Durn, I growed another head.”
Teacher said “it’s time you knowed,
The word is ‘grew’ instead of ‘growed’.”

My skin is kind of sort of brownish,
Pinkish yellowish white.
My eyes are greyish blueish green,
But I’m told they look orange in the night.
My hair is reddish blondish brown,
But it’s silver when it’s wet,
And all the colours I am inside,
Have not been invented yet.


I’m working on it!! 🙂

Madstoffa's crunchy house!

It’s that time again: the time for nonsense and firvolity! It is my pleasure to set the first verse…Amydot, my lovely, the next move is yours…

The Bovine Assembly convened

By the twisted old tree by the beck

The Mistress of Ceremonies was 23

That number was tattooed on her neck.

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Bookish Reviews

Firsty, I am sorry for not blogging as often as I should, I have new job and I need to get used to that and I guess I need to manage my time a little better.

I’ve had an idea: to write a few cheeky book reviews, they will be in theme with my blog and will be ever so often, alongside my own writing. It gives you an update of where I get inspirations and my opinions as a poet, writer and nonsensemaker.

I hope you will find them useful/interesting and maybe share your thoughts!

A Gal in an Overpriced store (2)

Had the Monday Limerick this week stuck in my head so done something about it on my walk to work and wrote a couple more.

A gal in an over priced store,
With her wardrobe a bit of a bore,
She wanted something unique,
And a little bit chic,
But bought a tracksuit made from velour.

A gal in an overpriced store,
Lived the life of royalty before,
But to keep looking flash,
Sold her toes for some cash,
And now she’s a shoe size four.

A gal in an over priced store,
Was spending like never before,
She thought it was grand,
Til it got out of hand,
And could afford any more!

Round 1: Cat vs Dog

Said the dog, to the cat,
They crossed some words, some tit-for-Tat,
Said the cat, to the dog,
Never argue with this mog.
Said the dog to the cat discrete,
Il wait for you in street,
Hahaha the cat she purred,
And turned her head undeterred,
The dog to her he grunt and barked,
And set his place when he marked.
Said the cat, quite disturbed,
I scratch you there upon you nose,
Replied the dog to the cat,
You can not catch me, you’re way too fat.
Said the cat, I don’t concur,
This isn’t fat! This is fur!
Said the dog ‘then we’ll race’
And I bet you can’t keep up the pace,
The cat she yawned and licked her paw,
She wasn’t arguing any more,
She arched and stretched and agreed to that,
But this of course was a sneaky cat.
Off dog ran, in a shot,
And cat remained on the spot,
Ha! Well that got rid of him,
Time to explore the wheely bin!

Round 1 to cat!

Over-priced Limerick

A girl in an over-priced store,
Wanted some shoes and some more,
She saw the price and went pale,
And head for the sale,
But spent 3 grand or 4!

A man in an over-priced store
Found it a bit of a bore
But in a quick flash,
Said, ‘stop spending my cash’
And the divorce was post through her door.

A woman in an over priced store,
Watched the dramas of the shop floor,
Husband and wife,
Argued their life,
I bet are not married no more.

Just discovered a blog with a limerick challenge. Each Monday a limerick topic is posted with the first line of the verse, and you respond with your poem using this line. As I’m having separation issues from the a-z challenge. I’m going to give this a whirl. This poem was done quickly, so hopefully they will get better.

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