Inspiration: World’s Hide and Seek Champion

I feel recently I have lost the talent for writing that I once had, rhyming was my first language at one point and I oozed creativity. Now I feel I am struggling and lost and way out my depths.

Research and writing has begun for Aprils big A-Z challenge, giving myself plenty of time to prepare, I feel 2 months is no way enough time for a whole alphabet. Warming up with Alphabet zoo I kinda feel back at school, writing a poem for an English project and throwing words together and hoping they’ll just ‘do’. But really I’ve lost all the love and excitement I once got from writing.

When I first started the blog, my first post was Javisnail, something so silly it was about a snail that travelled the world. But still when I read it back, I get a little buzz from some of the verses and even chuckle at myself. I miss that.

My best work was all around the same time, I could write a poem on a walk with my dog, while speaking with friends, an idea would just pop to mind, but I don’t have that feeling anymore and I’m desperately trying to find where its hiding, but it appears that inspiration is the hide and seek champion.

A great deal of inspiration came from a friend of mine, my creativity bounced off his and his quirky conversation always made my mind think in a different and humorous way, which is always a great ingredient for a poem. Being native Spanish, his curiosity in English was always hot topic, and it made me think alot more about our language.

It’s such a sad thing when you make such a good friend, they change how you think about things, and makes such an impression on you, yet one day, out of the blue, you’ve grown apart. And now there’s not even a hello.

Although I found my poetic side when I met him, I know I’ll find it again, I’m not ready to give up on writing, it will just take alot more practice.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: World’s Hide and Seek Champion

  1. You have never lost it! Your words are alive and well in your beautiful and self-less heart my sister…do not even try just let it flow, your word always have their own perfect rhythm. Smile that genuine smile of yours and the words will flow…you are always a blessing with what you share! God bless my sister…I am looking forward to embracing your words!

  2. Don’t you bloody dare give up!!I read yours and it triggers mine!
    I suppose that is a selfish reason! heehee
    If I can offer advice?
    If it seems to stumble rather than run, put it down and try a different method for a while: Haiku, Free-verse, etc and before you know it you will be happy again.
    TBH, and not to sound like I am blowing smoke up yer whatsit: your work is still great.
    On the flipside; you have to be happy.
    I hope that helps, chicken X

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