Alphabet Zoo – The Elephant

The elephants in our British zoo,
Are always catching colds and flus,
Because they come from the sun,
Where temperature peak at 41.
And imagine if you had a nose,
Longer than a garden hose,
Imagine if you had to sneeze,
With your nose so long and free,
You’d try to blow a sweet Achoo,
That sounds more like a big HAROOOO!


Alphabet Zoo – The Ants

There’s Ants Inside our first enclosure,
It’s filled with near 10,000 soilders,
Exhibit 1; they’re first in line,
A tiny army fight zoo crime.
Lifting more than thrice their size,
And building forts in short of time.
An army like some small marines,
Led and captained by their queen.
Prepared for battle standing tall,
As workers build and repair the walls,
Our Small Ant Army, first defense,
I warn you not to scale our fence.
With pincered heads instead or swords,
Armored skin grown for war.
A man once caught who climbed the gate,
Soon he met horrific fate,
As he was soon caught and found,
And carried to their nest and mound.…

Alphabet Zoo

Todays the day we open our gates,
And welcome you on opening day,
So come inside alphabet zoo,
The name suggests a bit of a clue.
The animals here are from a to z,
Do not feed! they’ve all been fed.
The creatures here, all on show,
A little strange from what you know,
For our enclosures store so many beast,
That start from tiny to 100 feet.
A lion too that can not roar,
A water hog with not hoofs but paws,
An animal called a Rookaroo,
A monkey and a kangaroo.
A snake with legs a frog with wings,
A hive of bees that never sting,
Our zebra zing with 1 black stripe,
Another black it’s markings white.
The tour it starts at 10 past A,
I’m your guide, for everyday,
So join on in and walk right through,
I take you on to Alphabet Zoo.

Getting warmed up for the A-Z challenge with a little bit of light humored fun!

The Percy Lion

It’s said a lion roams the lands,
Since they came to Percy’s hands,
Of whom the lion took his name,
Has curl of tail and silver mane.
This lonely beast once was found,
Guarding territory of Alnwick grounds,
A roar feared by the southern crowd,
This lion’s pride is one and proud.
A humble Knight, a majestic thing,
They call old Percy, the Northern King.

The Lion is the sigil of the Percy Family, whose genealogy can be traced back almost 1000 years. The family still have residence in Alnwick Castle, but throughout history also occupied near-by Warkworth. Statues and coats of arms of the Lion can be seen throughout Northumberland.

This is part 2 of the Story of the Northlands! I hope you will follow to see more to come.


The Untold Stories of the Northlands

In the Northlands Ancient old,
Where castle keeps defend their hold,
Where many a great battle fought,
But the fear was set from what they brought,
For magic comes from blood that’s shed,
And spawns from souls lost and dead.
The whispers spread throughout the wars,
Of monsters, myths, beasts and boars,
They says there’s truth in what stories hold,
And now to you they shall be told.
But I warn you now these stories aren’t,
For those who have the faint of heart.

Since writing The Untold Stories of Scotland it has been in the back of my mind to warn you of the perils that lie in Northumberland! There’s monsters here that must be seen to believed, but I advise you not to seek trouble from these creatures. Instead I suggest you follow and read the stories I tell you, for if you ever face such beasts like the Percy Lion, you will know exactly what to do. So follow me and discover, the Untold stories of the Northlands!


Where The Sidewalk Ends – Review

Where the sidewalk Ends

Author/Illustrator: Shel Silverstein
Publisher: Harper and Row, 1974
Genre: Children’s Poetry
My Rating: 5/5

Where the sidewalk ends is one of many works by the American poet: Sheldon Allan Silverstein. A collection of poetry aimed at the younger audience, it’s the perfect book for a quick read to share will all the family, for a laugh or a story (or 10) before bed!

My Opinion
I am massively influenced by Shel poetry and will definitely look into his other books and cartoons. He writes about everything from a brontosaurus to a run-away beard. But the book would not be complete without the Black and White illustrations (drew by Shel also). They add humor and explanation and turn a simple poem into something enjoyable to read and look at. His poems are sometimes nonsense, sometimes they boggle your mind, they are incredibly witty and they will certainly make you chuckle! Whatever your age! I recommend this book to everyone who’s inner child lives on, people who are sometimes just a little silly and those with families with all ages! It’s perfect for bedtimes!

My Highlights;
A few of my favorites from the book.

Chester came to school and said,
“Durn, I growed another head.”
Teacher said “it’s time you knowed,
The word is ‘grew’ instead of ‘growed’.”

My skin is kind of sort of brownish,
Pinkish yellowish white.
My eyes are greyish blueish green,
But I’m told they look orange in the night.
My hair is reddish blondish brown,
But it’s silver when it’s wet,
And all the colours I am inside,
Have not been invented yet.

It’s my Birthday!!!

Yes! Today I turned 22! I can hear old age tapping it’s toe around the corner and arthritis has already paid a visit and selected my knees as a future prospect.

Unfortunately I’ve spent the day at work! Check out me being the responsible adult! But as it’s a new job and it’s the type of place you can say ‘think it’s time for a cake and a cuppa’ it hasn’t been so bad!

I got a kindle! Mother bear gave me it this morning. It’s the perfect gift, and as people are always blogging and tweeting their e-books I can finally check them out so please leave a comment and a link to them!
Note to Chris (CpSingleton) I will get round to downloading your Jacob Bear stories! Have no fear my dear!

Have a good day guys! I’m off to celebrate the rest of my birthday! 🙂