Y is for…

You, your interest, your support and your opinion.

Ok! So I’m cheating a little bit! This one isn’t a poem. I admit I’ve ran out of steam. Nearing the end and have 1 more letter and 1 more poem to write.

Its been a toughy! But I’m getting there and pleased to say, with the help of the challenge I now have had over 2000 views and almost 70 followers! So I thank you all right from the little bug that lives in my heart!

It doesn’t End here! The Alphabet challenge has opened my mind up into topics I previously wouldn’t venture. I have a few notes wrote down and would appreciate if you visit again and check out my work in the future!

My favourite part of the challenge was discovering new blogs. I’ve read some very interesting things this month. Now I’m wondering if you are a fellow challenger what was your favorite part or letter you have posted? If you are not, I’d love your opinion on the post I have done that you liked the best and why? This improves how I write and I take opinions as constructive criticism so don’t be shy! Share your thoughts!

Thanks again!


X Marks the Spot

A pirate of the pacific,
Was given a map and told,
By lady of the luck lagoon,
He’d find his treasured gold.

He sailed the Jolly Roger,
With his compass and his crew,
And set his destination,
Where the X was drew.

They made their port in secret,
On an island desert and small,
And dug real deep through sand,
But there was nothing there at all.

‘That lying lady luck’ he said,
And her name he cursed,
‘I can not find this treasure
There’s nothing here but dirt!’

So when told of buried fortunes,
Where X it marks the spot,
It could be some mistake,
It marks where it is not.

For X of the A to Z challenge. Turns out, x is a very difficult topic!

When I Grow Old

When I grow old I want to be,
A pirate of the seven seas,
I’d steal your treasure and I would flee,
When a pirate is what is me.

When I grow old I’d like to race,
To the moon, and another place,
To be an astronaut up in space,
I really can not wait.

When I grow old, I will explain,
I’d like to pilot my own plane,
Fly somewhere new ne-ver the same,
And have a ‘Captain’ in my name.

When I grow older than I am,
I’d drive around in a white van,
Doing any work I can,
Cos I will be a man!

Now I am old, I’d like to be,
With no worries, and totally free,
Racing bikes and climbing trees,
I miss the younger me.

This one is a bit pants, I’m kinda distracted today! But I needed something for W of the a to z challenge. I thought I’d try a different style of rhyming but regret not being able to put the time and effort into it. X Y and Z to come! Oh dear this will be interesting.

Giving Voice!

When words are stuck in limbo,
And my voice becomes all shy,
I reach and speak in silence,
I work, I push I try.

My song, a shushed whisper,
My hum a muted tune,
My poem a written note on page,
No way to express to you.

V is for Voice! This poem was inspired by Giving Voice. A campaign aimed to highlight the importance of speech and language therapy and how it can make a difference.

If you have a spare moment please take a look at my friend’s blog: Julie Giving Voice. Check out her poem ‘How Would You feel’ and the cheeky mention on me!!

When Under the Weather

When under the weather,
Take out your umbrella,
And point in the direction of wind.
Then simply adjust,
To be lifted by gusts,
Till you’re leaving the ground in a Spin.

A cheeky little poem for U of the A to Z Challenge.

In other news! My Shel Silverstein Book, Where the Sidewalk ends, has arrived! Wooop! Expect me to share a few of his poems in the coming weeks! 

The Toothfairy Truth!

Have you ever wondered,
Why a fairy would want some teeth?
To sneak under your pillow?
And swap for 50p?

Read the true events of the tooth people! Why they want YOUR teeth! The truth behind why they live on the moon! And proof that fairies DO exist! Read it here! All in this edition of Amydot’s Imagination! 

The Fairytale of the Tooth People

For T of the a to z challenge! 

The Stories of Scotland

S is for… Stories of Scotland.

Most people are unaware of the dangers that lurk in the depth of Scotland. In 122 AD The Romans crossed the borders into Scotland and were attacked by three legged haggis. Those who survived later met their doom when they came across kelpies, loch Ness and worst of all… The Grock. The Roman Emperor Hadrian built his 80mile wall to protect people from what lurked in the lochs and hid in the highlands. But now, the wall has crumbled and the stories have become nothing but myths… Read my poem to find out the Truth!

The Untold Stories of Scotland