The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts,
A floozy tart,
Was fond of a charming prince.
But this famous royal,
Was far from loyal,
With a love life to make you wince! 

Always hot topic,
And mentioned in gossip,
She dated Sirs and knights.
But no one would trust,
To love or to lust,
Cos she couldn’t find her Mr Right.

They thought it was scary,
When they heard of King Henry,
Who cut off the heads of his wives,
So no one would dare,
Cross this young mare,
As she’d cut out your heart with a knife.

The sad part of the tale,
Of the Queen and her males,
Was she never became somebodys wife,
She died all alone,
By herself on the throne,
And had a sad and a lonely life.

Unfortunately I have had log in problems with my blog, and this has but me a little behind on the a to z challenge. I am working on catching up today and hope to be back to normal tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “The Queen of Hearts

  1. You’re poems are hilarious! (and a little sad sometimes). very well written. You are inspiring me!

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