Pandora’s Box

A myth that stems from ancient Greece,
A legend of a missing piece,
A gift given from the hand of Zeus,
To her, for Pandora’s use.
This pithos or ceramic jar,
Was hers to watch, to guard.
But pandora she could not control,
Her curiosity of what the jar beholds.
She opened and lifted up the lid,
To see what treasures that it hid.
But to Pandora’s great surprise,
She found that nothing lay inside.
And unbeknown to she,
The evils that she set free.
Of what she set upon the earth,
Was a fleet of sin and curse.
Swept with guilt she shut the jar,
And threw it hard and far.
But in the pot one thing remained,
An item often sought and feigned,
For hope it dwelled inside the box,
And was needed on the earth a lot.
Legend says the box it broke,
And after evil followed hope.
So when the earth was grim and dark,
Hope was there to leave it’s Mark.

For p of the a to z challenge. I am aware I’m a little behind, p and q are proving to be quite a challenge. 


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