Y is for…

You, your interest, your support and your opinion.

Ok! So I’m cheating a little bit! This one isn’t a poem. I admit I’ve ran out of steam. Nearing the end and have 1 more letter and 1 more poem to write.

Its been a toughy! But I’m getting there and pleased to say, with the help of the challenge I now have had over 2000 views and almost 70 followers! So I thank you all right from the little bug that lives in my heart!

It doesn’t End here! The Alphabet challenge has opened my mind up into topics I previously wouldn’t venture. I have a few notes wrote down and would appreciate if you visit again and check out my work in the future!

My favourite part of the challenge was discovering new blogs. I’ve read some very interesting things this month. Now I’m wondering if you are a fellow challenger what was your favorite part or letter you have posted? If you are not, I’d love your opinion on the post I have done that you liked the best and why? This improves how I write and I take opinions as constructive criticism so don’t be shy! Share your thoughts!

Thanks again!

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