No memory of the night before,
Shoes lying on the kitchen floor,
I am not drinking anymore,
It’s jägeritis for sure.

My head it hurts and spins,
I have bruises cuts and other things,
My ears, well all I hear is rings,
Oh what jägeritis brings.

I only had a shot or two,
Well that is not exactly true,
Now I have some kind of flu,
Jägeritis! who knew!?!

Feeling more than under weather,
It certainly isn’t big or clever,
Now I wish I was much better,
Jägeritis is not a pleasure.

Perhaps it’s something that I ate?
Or that I went to bed too late,
Maybe it is a bug or fate,
Jägeritis! I hate!

Ok so maybe it is not,
I admit I had too many shots,
Apart from that I drank alot!
Jägeritis it is not!

Jägeritis Is a condition that effects millions world wide. Symptoms include:
– Short term memory loss
– feeling tired and lightheaded
– unexplainable bruises and cuts
– dry mouth
– feeling nauseous and/ or vomiting
It is often that these symptoms are more common on or after the weekend! If you think you may be suffering from jägeritis DO NOT follow the ‘what makes you bad makes you better’ rule as this may cause symptoms to flare up. Drink plenty water and take plenty rest!



5 thoughts on “Jägeritis

  1. lol Jager is the devil liquor! Everyone I know that drinks it has had a horrible time the next day! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad I’m not the only one that did poems for A to Z! 🙂

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