Round 1: Cat vs Dog

Said the dog, to the cat,
They crossed some words, some tit-for-Tat,
Said the cat, to the dog,
Never argue with this mog.
Said the dog to the cat discrete,
Il wait for you in street,
Hahaha the cat she purred,
And turned her head undeterred,
The dog to her he grunt and barked,
And set his place when he marked.
Said the cat, quite disturbed,
I scratch you there upon you nose,
Replied the dog to the cat,
You can not catch me, you’re way too fat.
Said the cat, I don’t concur,
This isn’t fat! This is fur!
Said the dog ‘then we’ll race’
And I bet you can’t keep up the pace,
The cat she yawned and licked her paw,
She wasn’t arguing any more,
She arched and stretched and agreed to that,
But this of course was a sneaky cat.
Off dog ran, in a shot,
And cat remained on the spot,
Ha! Well that got rid of him,
Time to explore the wheely bin!

Round 1 to cat!


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