Cabbage Soup

The latest, new fad diet,
An apple for lunch and tea,
Followed by a strict half hour,
Of Dancing on the Wii.
A monthly direct debit,
For use of the local gym,
and 34.99,
On some knickers that tuck you in.
A low calorie recipe,
For a slimming cabbage soup,
As you blast out some calories,
Every time you poop.
Swapping wine for water,
And chocolate for some veg,
And a plate of good greenery,
Like chewing on the hedge.
A run around the park,
A lap around the block,
A little further next time,
As your body’s now in shock.
The skinny Fitting jeans,
You should of threw away,
And swearing to yourself,
You’ll get them on one day.
The tin of Christmas chocolates,
Glistening in that way,
Just a toffee penny,
I’ll start again Monday.


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