The Grock

The Grock is not said but sung,
For the ‘R’ must roll right off the tongue,
There have been many stories said,
That he’ll grind your bones for his bread.
That he steals the sleeping out their room,
And takes them to awaiting doom. For Grock came from way up high,
When the beanstalk fell from the sky.
But be glad that there is only one,
For half the North would be gone!

Ok so I’m cheating a little to get caught up. But really this is where the rest of my a to z has come from. On a trip to Glasgow I was alone in a hotel room for a night and my mind wandered. The Untold Stories of Scotland is the result of such wandering.

Now I know alot of my followers have come across this poem, and the one I have coming up for H, but one of the great things about doing this challenge has been the amount of new visitors. And I’d love to share these little Scot inspired verses with them too.

This is my G poem for the A to Z challenge.


The Anaconda – Edwin Morgan


Whilst in Glasgow, I was told the scots are very fond of their poetry! So I got on the cheeky google and came across this guy. Unfortunately this book is no longer in print and this is the only poem from the book ‘tales from limerick zoo’ that I could find! However if you know any more please share them with me I’d really appreciate it!

A huge anaconda named Mary
Was told she was wicked and scary.
She swallowed a village
Without any spillage
And said to them, ‘My, that was rare, eh?’
-Edwin Morgan

A Warning on Spontaneous Combustion – Stuart McLean


hey guys! I’ve just arrived in Glasgow, Scotland and I’m getting in the spirit of things with a Scottish poem! Mainly cos I’m bored in my hotel room and have nothing else to do! :p enjoy!

whisky is the king of drinks,
Renowned the world o’er,
But here’s a word o’ caution,
Tae think of when ye pour.
There’s a certain combination,
That tastes so very good,
But when it hits your tummy,
And mixes with your food.
That’s when the trouble starts,
For yer pleasure hits overload,
And half an hour later,
Ye’ll suddenly explode.
So there ye are in the pub,
Completely engulfed in flames,
And yer good wife’s dashing home,
Tae lodge insurance claims.
Well now that I have told ye,
Don’t say ye’ve no’ been warned,
So don’t try it oot yersel’,
Or ye’ll soon be bein’ mourned.