Not a one to be beaten, I have wrote (and illustrated) this limerick called egg, feel free to comment and crack your own yolk!

I like to eat a boiled egg,
Egg’specially with toasted bread,
But I’d get quite a shock,
If out popped a croc,
And egg’stracted my fingers instead!


Fried is the best egg for me,
And many of you will egg’ree,
Well the up must be sunny,
And egg’trodinarily runny
Served with bacon, a sausage or three.


A poached egg must be egg’act,
But it’s difficult to keep it intact,
They say it’s el-egg-ant,
But that’s irrelevant,
An egg’s an egg and that’s fact.


Scrambled; well I must egg’splain,
It tastes egg’actly the same,
You can make it taste better,
With salt and some pepper,
But egg’pect it to be rather plain.


Easter is just an egg’sample,
When an egg is more than ample,
From those filled with sweets,
And eggs’changed as treats,
To a fabergé stuck on your mantle.


The Limerick about Limericks

There is a poem called a Limmerick,
Which I couldn’t write cos I’m just thick,
On paper and card,
I thought it was hard
So I gave up and come up with this!

There has been a few Limmericks floating around today. Some of them are really clever! Mine however is not! Ha! I love the Limerick rhythm but I just can’t seem to get the words! When I get the idea in my head the words don’t come out. I feel I must write something about how ‘there once was a man’ …

There once was a man from wherever,
Who moved there because of the weather,
When it started to rain,
Words fell on his page,
But this happens to me, well, never!

I also have the problem of when I blurt a Limerick out I find an uncontrollable need to clap my hands, shake the jazz hands and shout “wahey”!

I wouldn’t expect any Limericks from me in the future!

The Untold Stories of Scotland


I set our tale, and from here we’re lost,
Upon the land of ice and frost,
Where myths lurk within the lochs,
Shadowed by the highland rocks!
Of legends, fables and History,
Cursed and coated in mystery,
On moors and mounds where thistles grow,
Or dusted in the October snow.
In the still, beasts roam and pillage,
And terrify their local village!

Of stories both new and old,
That of Nessie has most been told,
There dwells in water a giant eel,
Where speculation of if it’s real.
Some say it’s legend, just folklore,
Other say it could be a dinosaur.
But I for one would never swim,
In the loch for what’s within,
As if it wanted something to eat,
I’d rather it wasn’t my toes and feet!

Seen on dreary foggy days,
Across the glens the haggis play.
On Tuesday hunts with guns and hound,
They follow tracks left in the ground,
For 3 legged haggis raid farm and field,
Stealing sheep and oatmeal.
These pests found in burrows and digs,
Look a little like baby pigs!
I assure you they aren’t half as sweet,
But in Scotland they are great to eat!

The Kelpies or the water foals,
Feeds on hearts and broken souls.
They have the ability to change,
From glowing eyes and dripping
To women whose beauty seeps,
And lures them into waters deep.
As men they can never resist,
The seducing temptation of being kissed.
So stay away from rivers and lakes,
Or yee too shall meet your fate.

The stodge, well it goes best in pies,
And the delicacy is it’s tail and eyes,
These bits are usually best served,
On Hogmanay as hot h’orderves
For it tastes so succulent and sweet,
As it feeds on tatties and ripened neeps.
In the country you will often find,
It Sat grazing on it’s big behind,
Commonly mistaken for a giant rat,
With a little more fur and fat!

The Wulvers are the hairy beasts,
That’ve left the poor a many feast.
They say they are part wolf, part man,
And live in groups called a clan.
In the hills they’re in a cave,
And are not like werewolves behave.
The legend says these mighty boars,
Leave fish and bread outside your doors,
In preparation for what winter brings,
They leave to those, wholesome things.

The Grock is not said but sung,
For the ‘R’ must roll right off the tongue,
There have been many stories said,
That he’ll grind your bones for his bread.
That he steals the sleeping out their room,
And takes them to awaiting doom.
For Grock came from way up high,
When the beanstalk fell from the sky.
But be glad that there is only one,
For half of Scotland would be gone!

For those that live north of here,
Know these are what to fear,
So if you venture past the wall,
Heed that yee have been warned.

Kreativ Blog Award


A couple of weeks ago I was nominated for the Kreativ Blog award, ok so it’s took me a little while to post this but I must admit I have been really quite busy.

So this is what you must do with the award:
1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated.

Ok so firstly I want to thank C. C. Charron for the award. I enjoy his art, his doodles and explinations make my day. He has his own unique style and it’s definitely one of my favourite blogs, so make sure you pop by and say hello!

7 ‘Interesting’ things about Me:
1. The name Amydot comes from my mum! She also calls me Amymoo and Amy toodly pop.
2. Other than English, nonsense and sarcasm, I can speak Spanish! Well I’m
Still learning. It’s a new years resolution from last year that I’ve actually stuck to.
3. I’m followed by a huge grey cloud of bad luck. This year alone I’ve fell down the stairs twice, had food poisoning, lost my house keys twice and been turned down for a dream job cos I lost the ability to speak for 2 and a half minutes! There are many other things but I’m still bitter about these!
4. I have a diploma in art and design. I received 3 distinctions, an A and an A* in college that I’m incredibly proud of but I don’t draw no where as near as much as I should do!
5. I suffer from night terrors. I have done since I was a child, I scream and shout in my sleep and I’m totally unaware of it the next morning! I haven’t had one in over a year but sometimes they are hilariously funny and other times they are quite scary!
6: I have a fear of masks. Especially kabuki masks.
7: Some of my best friends are guys and I prefer it to female company. I guess I’m a bit of a tomboy!

7 Nominees:
I love his nonsense and we’ve even wrote a poem together
2. A Plight of Poetry
Interesting and witty poems, looking forward to what is posted next! 🙂
3. palacioillustration I like his illustration style, perfect for children’s books
4. lifeasgood
I think everyone should read The monster ballad!!!
5.The Daily Mobster
Simply genius! I wish I was half as witty as this! His characters are so intriguing.
6. Halley Ann Schaub
A great blog with poems about everything! Well worth a read!
7. 30 minute fiction
A great writer so help send Nick to Cambridge!

Congrats and please send the award on! In truth I love reading a lot of blogs and it was hard choosing 7, this is probably why it took me so long to post! Oops!

Send a Smile…

Calling writers, artists, bloggers and creative people!! How have you spent your Sunday? your day of rest? Have you made someone smile today! I did…

I found out about a website called postpals this is a site set up a few years ago by Vikki. Due to ME she was made bed bound, during this time she received cards and messages that inspired her to set up the site so that children with chronic illnesses could receive emails and post from people from all over the uk and perhaps the world.

I couldn’t ignore this so I spent my Sunday afternoon writing up an email, and decided to send one of the members my story of Javisnail. This is a fantastic cause for fantastic people! So why not send smile?

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

The Mysterious Scampi

What the hell is scampi?
Is it a fish caught from the sea?
Is it from the bottom of the ocean?
And what is a lingustine?

What the hell is scampi?
And what’s with the crumbs for skin?
Does it have arms, legs or even some eyes?
what incredibly ugly thing!

What the hell is a scampi?
Does it swim, paddle, or bob along?
Can someone explain a scampi?
Is it a fish or some sort of prawn?

This rolled off my Tongue when me and my mum went for a steak last night! So I remembered it to share with you guys

The Island of Found Nonsense

So me and Cpsingleon42 had a poem-off, after my story about Curly inspired him to write a great poem (which I have re-blogged for you entertainment) and also we came up with a piece of nonsense together. This is the story of the sabowen and the hermit crab…

They could travel the globe in search of pens,
Because god knows where mine went.
Prob’ly on a little island on its own,
Off the coast of Gwent…

On this island, Is there a cave?
Filled with pens and the odd sock?
Keys and other bits and bobs?
Which other people have lost?

There’s even a bay
Where the lost minds go.
I think ours could be there,
bobbing about on a pedalo.

And perhaps we’ll be cast away,
Out to where Wilson floats
And where marbles and lost patience,
Drift along in sailing boats.

We’ll float with the turtles,
Yearning for rye bread.
And the albatross will tease us
With the thoughts of our bed

And we’ll dream,
Of the normal world,
Of the ordinary and plain,
Til we’re awaken by the crow of the cuckoo bird.

it’ll sit prim and proper,
it’ll tell tales of soup, and
it’ll sing songs of Odysseus
it’ll keep you in in the loop

I’ll light us a fire,
And around it we’d sit,
And I’ll make us an audience,
From coconuts and a stick.

We can give them all names.
One Nutty Anna, one Milky Joe
We’ll eventually go coco-loco,
Like they did on that show.

We’ll sing songs to the stars,
We’ll talk shop to the Moon.
He’ll probably like that,
He’s like us, a loon.

-The original comments can be found on my poem ‘Curly’ I haven’t edited cos I like it how it is!