The Curiosities of Colour

I had an epiphany,
It came to me last night,
To put it rather simply,
I have a question about our sight.

What if the colour blind are correct,
And infact we are all indeed wrong,
Has anyone actually checked,
If the sea has been orange all along?

What if rainbows were not bright,
But were just different shades of grey,
What if the colours of the night,
Were reflected in the day?

What if when we look upon a Rose,
It isn’t red or white,
Who actually knows,
If the colours we think are right?

What if crazy people aren’t crazy,
And what they see is there,
What if our eye sight is just lazy,
And we are totally unaware?

What if green to you is grey,
And black to me is White,
What if the colours that we name,
Are just figments of our sight?