Alphabet Zoo

Todays the day we open our gates,
And welcome you on opening day,
So come inside alphabet zoo,
The name suggests a bit of a clue.
The animals here are from a to z,
Do not feed! they’ve all been fed.
The creatures here, all on show,
A little strange from what you know,
For our enclosures store so many beast,
That start from tiny to 100 feet.
A lion too that can not roar,
A water hog with not hoofs but paws,
An animal called a Rookaroo,
A monkey and a kangaroo.
A snake with legs a frog with wings,
A hive of bees that never sting,
Our zebra zing with 1 black stripe,
Another black it’s markings white.
The tour it starts at 10 past A,
I’m your guide, for everyday,
So join on in and walk right through,
I take you on to Alphabet Zoo.

Getting warmed up for the A-Z challenge with a little bit of light humored fun!


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