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As this is my the first poem of my NEW book, The A to Z of a Wandering Mind ©2013 CpSingleton I  should reblog it.

I may also reblog one or two more. That doesn’t mean you should let languish in the vaults of Kindle. GO GRAB A COPY!!


A is for Ants.

Ants are the coolest insect,

Much cooler than the fly.

Unless they sting your rear, that is,

Or march off with your pie.

They’re not hairy freak-a-zooids like

The spider in the loo,

Who waits for hours on end

To scare the living be-jeepers out of you!

And they don’t roll bits of pooh,

Like the filthy Dung-Beetle does.

Or flap their wings to make a terrible noise

Like the moth or bee or wasp’s buzz

They don’t graze on their family or

Puke on to their food.

They kindly work together and

Are mostly never rude.

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