The Untold Stories of the Northlands

In the Northlands Ancient old,
Where castle keeps defend their hold,
Where many a great battle fought,
But the fear was set from what they brought,
For magic comes from blood that’s shed,
And spawns from souls lost and dead.
The whispers spread throughout the wars,
Of monsters, myths, beasts and boars,
They says there’s truth in what stories hold,
And now to you they shall be told.
But I warn you now these stories aren’t,
For those who have the faint of heart.

Since writing The Untold Stories of Scotland it has been in the back of my mind to warn you of the perils that lie in Northumberland! There’s monsters here that must be seen to believed, but I advise you not to seek trouble from these creatures. Instead I suggest you follow and read the stories I tell you, for if you ever face such beasts like the Percy Lion, you will know exactly what to do. So follow me and discover, the Untold stories of the Northlands!



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