As Oceans Sigh

In 1912, we now do delve,
In waters impatient and restless,
On the tides, a liner rides
Unaware of what’s below this.

It left the land, strong and grand,
And sailed the North Atlantic,
What lies beneath, in waters deep,
unpredictable and frantic.

As it flows, it’s hunger grows,
And circles around steel prey.
Oceans entice, to traps of ice
To swallow in one wave.

They heard the collide, on starboard side,
As panic arose on deck.
They left the boat, children first,
As titanic seeped to wreck.

The ocean sighed, of loss of lives,
As the ship sunk to rest,
It didn’t grieve for the sunken dreams,
And took prisoners for it’s depth.

7 thoughts on “As Oceans Sigh

    • Yea, I agree. It’s amazing to see 100 years on, people are still affected. I saw on one program families of those on the titanic were given pens ect made from parts of the ship. Very interesting! And very sentimental!

  1. Hello, Amy! This is a fantastic poem. It’s beautiful and haunting. The Titanic tragedy was such a horrific event. You captured the raw emotion of it well in the rhythm and word choice. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week and happy A to Z!!

    • Thanks for visiting! Good luck with your challenge too! Glad you liked my poem! Please come back and check out my other work! You are always welcome at amydots imagination 🙂

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