N is for Nonsense

I really enjoy reading comments on my blog. I love hearing what my poems make you think of, your poems, ideas and opinions.

I’m halfway through the a to z challenge, and challenge is an understatement! Trying to write a poem everyday, is too difficult for me. So sometimes I link back to previous work. 

This month I already have more views than March, and each month gets better! So I thank you all for dipping your toes in my imagination. Please visit again!

I get my inspiration from everywhere. The a to z challenge has mainly been a result of me saying to my self the first word that comes to mind and working with it. Other times I have created mind-maps and waited till an idea popped out to me. I was wondering, where do you get your inspiration? and how do you get your ideas?

If you would like to write something with me, illustrate a poem, like me to check out your blog or simply have an idea, please get in touch. Either leave a comment or tweet me to @AmyRichardson7.

N is for Nonsense…
This poem was wrote by me and CpSingleton42. We had a laugh writing it and this is what we came up with. Click to read…

The Island of Found Nonsense


5 thoughts on “N is for Nonsense

    • Yea it’s been great! 🙂 and yep halfway through! It has gone quite quickly! Thankyou for visiting my blog, I hope you will come back and maybe check out a few poems! 🙂

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