The Miss Muffet Murder

The Miss Muffet Murder

M is for Miss Muffet 

Little Miss Muffet,
Who sat on her tuffet,
Is a rotten great big liar,
Cos she committed a murder,
And the witness who heard her,
Was no other but the spider.

He said that the girl,
Eating curds from a bowl,
Had a strange and peculiar behaviour,
“I asked her the time,
Twas quarter past nine,
And it’s the last time I ask her a favour.”

“Cos little Miss Muffet,
Jumped up from her tuffet,
And shooed and brushed me away”
I then told the lady,
“Your acting quite strangely”,
Cos I wasn’t quite sure what to say.

“Well I got quite a fright,
As she seemed so uptight,
So I just decided to run.
But when I looked right behind me, 
She was trying to find me,
And from her pinny she pulled out a gun.”

“I looked all around,
Up high and on ground,
Till finally I hid in a web,
I then heard a shout,
A thump and a clout,
And saw Incy Wincy there dead.”

“Incy was hit,
By this little miss,
In a hate against us little creatures,
So don’t be drawn in,
By the lies she does spin,
Her cute and innocent features.”

This poem is for M of the A to Z Challenge

I’ve always wanted to do my own   Take on a nursery rhyme and here it is. I may do this again in the future with another well known rhyme, depending on how this one is received. So please comment and share your thoughts or Tweet me @AmyRichardson7


3 thoughts on “The Miss Muffet Murder

  1. great poem – bad miss muppet always thought she was a BAD one – not that like spiders ‘cos I don’t:)

    how do you do it? – alberta from did you kiss a frog no: 80

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