Kid’s Play

Find a branch! that’ll do,
And you, we have a job to do!
We’ll build a den, we’ll use this tree,
It’ll be the best you’ll ever see!
We need some rope, some twine,
That blue stuff! That’ll do just fine!
You an’ Mickey go down the river, 
‘nd see what you can gather.
Last week I seen a garden chair, 
And w’ could put it over there!
Try and find a rubber tyre,
We can hang it up with some wire,
I’ve done it before, same thing!
I made like a Tarzan swing.
Ah no!! here comes sis!
She always wants to spoil it!
What y’ want? Go back home!
And leave us boys alone!!
Fine! grass to mam what I say!
It’s my den and you can’t play!
Tell our Tubs get back to camp,
And ask ‘im for dad’s old lamp!
…HELP! HELP! Mickey’s stuck!
His mam’ll kill ‘im he’s covered in muck!
He fell and got a nettle sting,
He tripped over some metal thing!!
…We’ll get him out, we’ll build a ramp,
‘nd take him with us back to camp,
We’ll treat his sting and wash the mud,
Fetch some water, leaves and scrub!
Tell ya’ mam it’s not your fault,
It’ll come out with some scrubbing salt!
I’ve got to go it’s ten past five,
Get the stuff we need to hide!
My mam will need iz’ for me’ tea,
See ya the ‘morra at the tree!

K is for kids play…

I was busy writing another poem for K of the a to z challenge, but whilst walking my dog I passed some kids busy building a den and it reminded me of being young. 

I grew up in a mining village in Northumberland and we always played outside! There was woods near home where we would spend all our school holidays, doing paper trails and building dens…

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