The Frog March

F is for… Frog

For many a thousand centuries, the frog has been at war,
A mass amphibian battle,
That will rage for many more.

There’s books and written stories,
Which historians are fond,
But sieges much less wrote about,
Are those that fought in pond.

Recruiting worthy soilders,
And training them their roles,
The marching great frog army,
Starts from just tadpoles.

The frogs they march to battle,
All a line in troops,
Seventy lines of seventy,
To the toads that wait in groups.

They hop and croak to war,
Crossing many roads,
Where sacrifices lost,
will never meet the toads.

And when they reach the battle field,
They are challenged in a hop,
And the duels and fights continue.
til the battle there is lost.

They storm and raids the rivers,
And fight them for their Lake,
And build a frog owned empire.
From the waters that they take.

Back in territory waters,
Guarding the muddy plain,
They defend their home and frogs born,
And the future of their reign.

Although this is not factual, this post was inspired by the blog of Liz Brown Lee
This poem is for F of the A to Z Challenge



7 thoughts on “The Frog March

    • That’s a really good point! I could probably research this further and edit it but it was wrote in a day for the a to z challenge. But thanks so much for reading!

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