Not a one to be beaten, I have wrote (and illustrated) this limerick called egg, feel free to comment and crack your own yolk!

I like to eat a boiled egg,
Egg’specially with toasted bread,
But I’d get quite a shock,
If out popped a croc,
And egg’stracted my fingers instead!


Fried is the best egg for me,
And many of you will egg’ree,
Well the up must be sunny,
And egg’trodinarily runny
Served with bacon, a sausage or three.


A poached egg must be egg’act,
But it’s difficult to keep it intact,
They say it’s el-egg-ant,
But that’s irrelevant,
An egg’s an egg and that’s fact.


Scrambled; well I must egg’splain,
It tastes egg’actly the same,
You can make it taste better,
With salt and some pepper,
But egg’pect it to be rather plain.


Easter is just an egg’sample,
When an egg is more than ample,
From those filled with sweets,
And eggs’changed as treats,
To a fabergé stuck on your mantle.


13 thoughts on “Egg

  1. I think i need to eggs-plain
    Why eating eggs in the rain…
    Is something i like
    while riding a bike…
    and even while flying a plain….

    I loveeee yours!!! they’re so creative….I really could see them as a book section…

  2. love it!! your illustrations? Eggstraordinary!!
    Not a limeric but a nice nonsense poem for compradre of nonsense…
    I once had a chicken that didn’t lay eggs
    No matter how much I’d plead and beg
    Then one day it pushed with all of its might
    It squawked and and squeeled in terrible plight
    After much pushing a gold egg dropped down with a plop
    Dear Henny was proud and relieved at her crop.
    I bought her a house with a servant or three
    Now Henny lives quite happy in a house next to me.

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