The Limerick about Limericks

There is a poem called a Limmerick,
Which I couldn’t write cos I’m just thick,
On paper and card,
I thought it was hard
So I gave up and come up with this!

There has been a few Limmericks floating around today. Some of them are really clever! Mine however is not! Ha! I love the Limerick rhythm but I just can’t seem to get the words! When I get the idea in my head the words don’t come out. I feel I must write something about how ‘there once was a man’ …

There once was a man from wherever,
Who moved there because of the weather,
When it started to rain,
Words fell on his page,
But this happens to me, well, never!

I also have the problem of when I blurt a Limerick out I find an uncontrollable need to clap my hands, shake the jazz hands and shout “wahey”!

I wouldn’t expect any Limericks from me in the future!


20 thoughts on “The Limerick about Limericks

  1. There was a young person from Limerick,

    Not sure if ’twas a guy or a young chick,

    They wanted a short rhyme,

    One line at a time, so

    They jotted it down really quick!

  2. Hahaha these both made me laugh! ๐Ÿ˜› And I know what you mean about the chanting at the end…there is something very cockney about limericks I find!
    Once at university, we had a really annoying lecturer who kept expecting us to do insane amounts of work, and got cranky at us because we appeared to never take the subject seriously (which we didn’t, because it was a rubbish subject and she was a bad teacher). Anyway, one lesson we had to have thought up of a question based on our readings, so when I made my question I wrote it in the form of a limerick for no apparent reason, only to find out we were giving our questions to other students. The other student later read out my question and the answer to it, and about half the room who knew me well turned around and said “was that your question?” hahaha. For some reason this still makes me laugh.

  3. Limericks are deceptive – easy enough for children to read and write, but pretty hard to do really well. I liked both of these. They made me smile, so job done!

  4. post really made me smile….Limericks are never downers…

    Once while teaching at school….
    I truly felt like a fool…
    The principal said…
    you’ve rocks in your head…
    And a mouth thats starting to drool…

    my offering to the joy of limericks lol

  5. There once was a lady called Dot,
    Who was talented we’er she knew it or not.
    A friend spoke to a Squirrel
    About her to attending the Wirral
    ‘Cos she should showcase the poems she’s got

    Another one of our rhyme ensues!! lol x

      • There was a poet called Chris
        Who thought there was no finer news than this!
        The world had to hear
        Dots fine words in their ear
        Practically literary bliss!

  6. There once was a teacher named “Worrell”
    The kids thought she had the brains of a squirrell.
    she finally got a hunch
    and wrote quite a bunch
    from there crappy limericks unfurl.

    Sorry…I really should spare the world my sh&^%$ limericks and stick to snarky prose. Have a literary day!:) Love your work!

  7. Nonsense and quirky poems at their very best. These are poems for the people, not poems for other highly educated super-brained poets. The world needs more of these so keep on writing.

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