The Curiosities of Colour

I had an epiphany,
It came to me last night,
To put it rather simply,
I have a question about our sight.

What if the colour blind are correct,
And infact we are all indeed wrong,
Has anyone actually checked,
If the sea has been orange all along?

What if rainbows were not bright,
But were just different shades of grey,
What if the colours of the night,
Were reflected in the day?

What if when we look upon a Rose,
It isn’t red or white,
Who actually knows,
If the colours we think are right?

What if crazy people aren’t crazy,
And what they see is there,
What if our eye sight is just lazy,
And we are totally unaware?

What if green to you is grey,
And black to me is White,
What if the colours that we name,
Are just figments of our sight?


14 thoughts on “The Curiosities of Colour

    • A friend of mind is colourblind! I’m intrigued by it! It amazes me also how people who have been blind all their life can imagine objects and their colour!… Hmm. Strange!

  1. That’s why I love writing!
    nobody can tell you how you see the world, they can just appreciate the wonderful way you replay it! Well done! I’ve teeted it to my followers. Hark at me! It makes me sound like the messiah!! lol Keep up the great work, chick! x

    • Haha! Thanks for Tweeting it! 🙂 pleased you enjoyed reading it! Ive been writing this one for a while and didnt know whether to post it incase people didn’t get it but I’m over the moon with the comments I’ve received! Yey! Oh and nice one on your ebook! Wish you the best of luck with that!

  2. I love it! I also love this topic – it is something I was just talking about with family last night actually. I’ve read a few books and stories about colour-blind people and questions of vision, all by Oliver Sacks (a neurologist and much loved writer). In particular, he wrote a book called The Island of the Colour-Blind (an island with an very high rate of colour-blindness, in the Pacific region), and a story called The Case of the Colour-Blind Painter (in a book called An Anthropologist on Mars), in which he details the story of a painter who could see colour but became colour-blind, and in the process had to change the way he produced art, as he discovered that becoming colour-blind wasn’t as simple as seeing everything in black and white, such as on a black and white tv, but was entirely different. Anyway, they’re both fascinating reads and insights into this whole idea of colour and how we all see it differently.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m really glad you like it! I’ve been writing this for a while and wasn’t sure if people would see it the same as me, so I’m pleased with the response 🙂

  3. I love this poem – both it’s premise and the way you’ve presented it. Just because one way of seeing the world is considered normal, doesn’t make it right.

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