Sally the Voodoo Doll


Sally was a voodoo doll,
Her skin was made of cloth,
With little tiny puncture holes,
From people who hate a lot.
She was battered and beaten,
And a little bit bruised,
And the pins sticking in her,
Were all the way through.

Sally had a sad face,
And a plastic button for an eye,
With nothing for a tear duct,
So she couldn’t let out a cry.
Her mouth was straight and serious,
And sealed with a rusty pin,
And even though she tried,
It was impossible to grin.

Sally was the kind of doll,
That no one even cared,
They all stabbed her through the heart,
Or bit and ripped and teared.
She carried with her for emergencies,
A needle and some thread,
Incase someone just so happened
To want to rip off her fabric head.

But Sally had a purpose,
Not any other doll did,
for people wanted Sally,
As long as they lived.
For ex boyfriends or the taxman,
Teachers and betraying friends,
Sally was always needed,
For controlling their revenge!


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