Where Magic Lies…

The angels guard the skies at night,
As the stars they lend their mystic light,
Fairy folk and pixie tribes,
Make our flowers come alive.

The tree their village all unknown,
But to a dreamer all is shown,
Evil spirits banned from here,
for black magic is their biggest fear.

The enchanted dance makes nature smile,
you sit and dream and go a mile,
As racing imps ride dragon flies,
Around the woods where magic lies.

This is from my dusty old red book, I’m unsure when I wrote it but it caught my eye today so I thought I would share it! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Where Magic Lies…

    • Haha I like that! I like people to get their own image from my poems but I need to give painting a go too! Got a huge box of art gear, from copic ciao markers to goache! I miss getting arty! Havent done it since college so think I might work on some illustations to my poem. 🙂 can’t promise they’ll be any good though! :p

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