The Island of Found Nonsense

So me and Cpsingleon42 had a poem-off, after my story about Curly inspired him to write a great poem (which I have re-blogged for you entertainment) and also we came up with a piece of nonsense together. This is the story of the sabowen and the hermit crab…

They could travel the globe in search of pens,
Because god knows where mine went.
Prob’ly on a little island on its own,
Off the coast of Gwent…

On this island, Is there a cave?
Filled with pens and the odd sock?
Keys and other bits and bobs?
Which other people have lost?

There’s even a bay
Where the lost minds go.
I think ours could be there,
bobbing about on a pedalo.

And perhaps we’ll be cast away,
Out to where Wilson floats
And where marbles and lost patience,
Drift along in sailing boats.

We’ll float with the turtles,
Yearning for rye bread.
And the albatross will tease us
With the thoughts of our bed

And we’ll dream,
Of the normal world,
Of the ordinary and plain,
Til we’re awaken by the crow of the cuckoo bird.

it’ll sit prim and proper,
it’ll tell tales of soup, and
it’ll sing songs of Odysseus
it’ll keep you in in the loop

I’ll light us a fire,
And around it we’d sit,
And I’ll make us an audience,
From coconuts and a stick.

We can give them all names.
One Nutty Anna, one Milky Joe
We’ll eventually go coco-loco,
Like they did on that show.

We’ll sing songs to the stars,
We’ll talk shop to the Moon.
He’ll probably like that,
He’s like us, a loon.

-The original comments can be found on my poem ‘Curly’ I haven’t edited cos I like it how it is!

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