There’s a Slug in my Head

There’s a slug in my head!
How do I know?
Well you see,
Everything seems to be moving real slow!
It’s all stuffy and icky,
my nose is snotty and sticky,
There is definitely, a slug in my head!

This slug in my head,
It’s at the back of my nose,
And sometimes,
It tickles throat,
It’s not a cold or the flu,
Cos there’s just bogies and goo,
it’s gotta be a slug in my head!

This damn slug in my head,
Is making me sick,
I want it gone,
And quick,
It’s causing congestion,
And disrupting my resting,
I want rid of the slug in my head!

I know, I should be a doctor!… Haha! Wrote this in the last 10 minutes because I am loaded with germs and generally sums up how I’m feeling!… Delightful!


4 thoughts on “There’s a Slug in my Head

  1. you doing any literaary festivals this year? you should! I’m signed up for Wirral. check it out and go, lady!! You should be out there!! Well, you are out there, but I mean…you know what I mean! TA-RAH!!

    • Well thanks, I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of literary festivals :-s haha I’m in the middle of Northumberland! we don’t get around much! They built a wall to protect people from us! We are a strange bunch! :p nah seriously I will have a look into it!

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