The Night

As the night shadows and darkness starts to crawl,
Twinkling eyes; the stars, begin to fall,
Coming closer until so near my grip,
And the clouds part, as if to rip.

The moon curses as the sun fades to dusk,
And gazes upon us with beauty and lust,
Rebelling and glowing with light,
As the day ends and welcomes the night.

The colours fill the sky like rainbow fire,
They creep as I walk through this desire,
A haze like we dusted the sky,
And stars appear like devils that fly.

-found this in my little notebook from about 6 years ago. I remember writing it. I love night time, especially in summer! I always have, if it’s a clear night I always get a tad distracted and start star gazing, I guess I’m a bit of a dreamer!


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