My Heart in Your Hands


How can I make you feel the same,
Without a spell or incantation?
And my mind that’s usually fixed and focused,
But I’ve lost my concentration.

How can I declare how I feel for you.
If I can’t just show you my soul?
And my mind doesn’t work when it’s just us two,
And I’m left with your hand to hold!

Your kiss makes my smile wake again,
There it stays and lingers,
And my heart leaps from it’s vein,
And crawls into your fingers.

In your arms and warmth again,
In an aura of protection,
My skin creeps and I can’t refrain,
As it’s craving your affection.

I’d grasp your hand and breathe your air,
Until there came the day,
We’d walk hand in hand til perfection was there
As the wings of love can only carry us half way!

Today I was clearing out my cupboard and I found Narnia!… Ok I didn’t but I did find a scruffy red book filled with my writings from when I was younger. Taking some time to read through it I found poems I had totally forgot about! This one, I wrote when I was 15, I think it’s safe to say I’ve changed a lot in 6 years, however I thought I might share a few!


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