Had a bad case of writers block recently! So I punched it in the face and came up with this little piece of poetic nonsense.

My friend he has, just 1 tiny hair,
That sprouts up out his chest,
Only one, that is all,
He has no idea where are the rest!

He gave his lack of topiary,
A name of which was suited,
curly he said with so much pride,
He was proud of where it was rooted.

This little sprout of manliness,
He protected with love and care,
He combed it and styled it right,
And conditioned this single hair.

One day he felt an itchy pinch,
Which he scratched and heard a scream,
And when he looked with much surprise,
He thought this must only be a dream.

For there upon his tiny hair,
Sat a hermit crab named don,
A perfect hair for him he said,
For there is only the one.

Crabs, you see are used to living,
Well hidden under a rock,
But my friend, he offered this lonely crustacean,
A home upon his lock.

14 thoughts on “Curly

  1. love it. My Sabowen and your Hermit Crab should be friends and then neither would be lonely.

    They could travel the globe in search of pens,
    Because god knows where mine went.
    Prob’ly on a little island on its own,
    Off the coast of Gwent…

    • Haha! I love the mighty boosh! Lol this has been fun but I am rhymed out! Until next time my friend 🙂 but we need a name for our creation! How’s about… The island of found nonsense? Any ideas?

      • I WIN?!! lol I do a great Moon impression, so I’m told.Title sounds good to me. We’ll hve to compile into one poem.
        It was afun exercise. Good way to lwarm up the mind.
        You start next time. 🙂

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