The Love Bug

There’s a caterpillar in my tummy,
He’s all fuzzy and he’s warm,
I think I’ll leave him be,
He isn’t doing any harm.

I’ve called him the love bug,
For he should have a name,
Because since I’ve discovered him,
I’ll never feel the same.

He feeds on all my troubles,
And chews them all away,
and creeps up through my body,
To wriggle on my brain.

He nestles between my heart strings,
It’s here where he sleeps,
if you listen carefully,
You hear him snoring when it beats.

I know that if I was with you,
He’d crawl up in a cocoon,
And I’d feel the marvellous feeling,
When the butterflies start to bloom.

– only wrote this in the last half hour and not sure about illustrating it! But if you have an illustration of a love bug! Let’s try some re-blogging! yey!!


4 thoughts on “The Love Bug

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