Behind Imagination There’s Always Great Inspiration

I would like to introduce you to inspiration… Inspiration meet everyone…

I believe the genius’s are not those who study the planet and give a name to something they discover which has simply been there all along. I believe the genius’s are those whose study the land of make believe. The nonsense makers, the dreamers and the people who say “why not?”. These are the movie makers the poets and the writers. The inspirers!

Since being a child I have read the works of Dr. Suess, Roald Dahl, Eion Colfer and J.K Rowling. I have watched the movies from the minds of Tim Burton, Walt Disney and Guillermo Del Toro and been influenced and formed into the proud creative woman that sits writing before you.

I’ve created a section of my blog to express what inspires me to write, what pushes me head first through those writers blocks and sometimes just what makes me smile… Hey, it might even be the little bit of inspiration you’ve just been looking for!


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