The Grim

We all posses a fear,
Something that makes us recoil and scream when it’s remotely near,
for some of us it’s heights, clowns or a creepy crawly thing,
But for me, it has to be, definitely, the grim.

It’s certainly not human, animal, being or creature,
It doesn’t have a smell, sound or distinguishing feature,
So how can you be afraid if you can’t see it or feel
It’s the grim and I tell you it’s very much real.

The grim is a product of the imagination,
A kinda feeling you get, a simply horrible sensation,
It feeds on misery and guilt and from it, it grows,
Until it controls your emotions, that’s when grim shows.

It corrupts your brain, to make you feel the worst,
Makes you doubt yourself and that your whole life is cursed,
Makes you feel insignificant and small,
And sometimes the grim makes you feel nothing at all.

It’s when your alone and you feel a cold stare,
It’s that sense you get there’s somebody there,
It’s that lump in your throat when you just want to cry,
You can’t control the grim no matter how hard you try!

The thing about the grim, is it isn’t around for long,
It takes a smile and some encouragement to say “you know what, you’re wrong”,
And beating the grim is one hell of a strife,
But the grim is just simply A part of our life.

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