Javisnail’s Big Adventure

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Saint Augustine

Javi the snail was a peculiar creature,
With a lovely pink shell,
And blue little features.

One day he thought ‘I want to leave home’,
And travel the world,
All on my own.

The thing about snails, is they don’t have to pack,
Because everything they need,
Is right there on their back.

So he started his journey in the country of France,
“Well this is quite nice”,
He said at first glance.

But Javi didn’t feel like he was very safe,
As he met his match,
On the dinner plate.

So Javi left Paris via the Eurostar train,
And got off at London,
Where it started to rain.

He saw Big Ben and said hello to the queen,
“But London” he said,
“Isn’t really my scene”.

So Javisnail searched for another great city,
And slipped onto a plane,
Heading for Italy.

 But Javi left there as soon as he knew,
The country was shaped,
Like a big stomping shoe.

On the plane he remembered the leaning tower of Pisa,
And couldn’t quite wait,
To see the pyramids of Giza.

 He trekked the Sahara on the back of a camel,
But when it spat in his face,
He shouted “you horrible mammal”.

Javi then visted the United States,
And decided New York,
Was his favourite Place.

 He followed route 66 and left his own trail,
But where was next,
For this little snail?

Next stop for Javi was to the North Pole,
“Oh gosh” he cried,
This is far too cold.

He visited Santa, but it was time to go,
Because Javi was Spanish,
And he hated the snow.

He searched the globe from east to west,
His journey was over,
There was nowhere left.

So Javisnail had traveled the world on his own,
But now he was glad,
To be back at home.


20 thoughts on “Javisnail’s Big Adventure

  1. This absolutley Wonderful!…
    you are very creative and very gifted…
    I hope to read more and see more/
    Thank you for sharing AmyDot!


  2. Thanks for reading my poem.. Your writing shows so much creativity. It has been a long time since I read something that readers of all ages could appreciate. Do i see a children’s book writer in the making?! 🙂

  3. You’re welcome, I really enjoyed it… And thank you! 😀 And I would looove to write a children’s book. I wrote this poem for a friend and tried to make it look as much like a e-book as I could and I had so much fun making it. Then I thought I’d share it on here and I’m really suprised but pleased with the response! yey! 🙂

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    • thankyou very much! its the only poem i have illustrated on here! i must do it more often as i love drawing! especially silly things like snails! 🙂

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